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RE: [IPk] Pump start date cancelled.


If you had the chance to get a new pump NOW, which one would you select
and why (differences and benefits of the new choice against what you
currently use)?

Hope you don't mind me asking.

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Hi Adrian,

Yes, the 508 works differently.  You have three profiles, and they are
not linked.  So if you decide you want to up the rate from, say 2pm to
the next rate change (for me at 5pm), then you have to go through three
set up procedures to get the equivalent of the 80% and 150% rates.  And
you only have three rates ....

I wish there was a way of talking about the 'rate' which differentiated
between 'the rate between 2pm and 5pm' and 'the 150% of normal rate'.

You are right, setting 24 rates would make things easier, in that if one
decided that rather than changing the rate between 2 and 5, one only
needed to change the rate between 2 and 3, but 3 to 5 should stay the
same, one wouldn't have to write all the rates down, and reprogramme
everything after 2pm, but simply change the one hour.

I'm caught between the rock and the hard place and want a newer pump!


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