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Re: [IPk] to Nicole - hypos

I've reverted to Lucozade (or supermarket own brand version) for hypos now. I 
have the small bottles stashed in my gym bag, sports bag, desk, and all around 
the house. When I'm out with just a small bag, then I carry glucose tablets 
(yuk) but I find Lucozade works fast, tastes OK (but I wouldn't want to drink 
it if I wasn't low) and doesn't go off, mind getting wet, or crumble in my bag 
(and you can buy it practically anywhere these days). Like you, it resolves 
the what-to-eat question, and my friends can easily spot the bottle of 
Lucozade in my bag if I need them to help me (more easily than looking for a 
pack of glucose tabs).

Lesley wrote:
> Hi Michele
> That sounds really nice!
 > I've banged on about it before, but I've overcome the what-to-eat confusion
> always having jelly babies. One or two is plenty. No thought necessary and no
> hypo-induced binge! I can even remember this when I'm hypo!
> Lesley
>  IDDM 36 years, pumping 2.5 years, DiaPort 1 month, jelly baby queen since
> reading The Glucose Revolution!
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