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[IPk] meeting before pickup last monday

Trying again - this message kept coming back....
Ian and Paul - I was at the George but didn't see anyone with a pump in =
view! My friend and I were in the middle part at a wooden table by the =
window having a drink. I did keep looking around for likely diabetics =
but I suppose I wasw looking for a group of both men and women.
Anyway, not to worry - my friend/colleague and I found the George a =
pleasant place, and I'm afraid we got sidetracked onto discussing our =
patients and degree plans!! (we don't see each other very often, and she =
is aware of my pump especially as my alarm went off during a seminar and =
she helped me to find a room to change the set over, and guarded the =
door until it was all over!)

Pickup was  pleased with me, so despite having to wait for an hour to =
see him, I spoke to 2 ladies also from kent in the waiting room, and it =
was o.k.

Maybe another time
Michele;  (of the green checked shirt)
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