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[IPk] Re: Pumps & water

Hi Aisling,

The Cozmo pump can be worn in water.
To quote from their website:
"Deltec Cozmo. Insulin Pump is Waterproof!
IPX8 - Waterproof to a depth of 8 feet for 30 minutes or 12 feet for 3

That being said, a) I'm not sure if it is yet available in the UK,
though someone wrote that it soon will be - it is already available in
many other countries including the US, Australia, and many European
countries, and Israel where I live, and b) since switching to a Cozmo
about 6 weeks ago (after using a Distronic H-tron plus for over 6 years
- I liked that pump, but the Cozmo is a great improvement), I haven't
personally put the waterproof feature to the test, though I have heard
that other people do. I do swim regularly, but swim in the mornings,
while the tail of the breakfast bolus is still active, and find that I
need to disconnect the pump at least 10-15 minutes before swimming to
avoid being hypo after 30-40 minutes vigorous swimming.
I do like the idea of a waterproof pump though - nearly put it to the
test last summer when a hike led us unexpectedly wading across a knee
deep fast flowing stream, and it was only due to a timely outstretched
hand from my daughter that I didn't fall in.

> Hi,
>  Havent had time recently to post here but have been following your
> discussions
> and am learning a lot from your experiences.
>  Does anyone wear their pump while on/near water with the possibility
> of falling
> in and getting your pump wet? (Eg. canoeing/sailing etc)
>  Is it best to remove the pump and leave it on dry land or is there a
> way to
> keep it dry if you get accidentally splashed/submerged? Or are some
> pumps
> totally water-proof? - does anyone swim while wearing their pump?? -
> or would
> that be pushing the limits of technology?!
>  A while back someone (John Neale maybe?- cant remember now and cant
> find the
> post) mentioned the "Bernstein book" (sp?)- just wondering what is
> that?

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