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[IPk] Re :barcelona

Thanks all for the tips and advice. I think it's probably just me. I guess  
 other cities are just as dangerous. Best to be on my guard all the time. I need
 a bag for the blood stuff and spares plus the kids bits and bobs, so will 
get an  over the shoulder one I can keep a good grip on.
The pump will be largely hidden inside my..bra. (And I hope no-one  tries to 
detach that from me!LOL) I worried like this over DC a couple of years  back 
 and we were fine. Hubby reminded me that as a teenager, being a supporter of a
certain Scottish Soccer team, he wouldn't go see them as he'd heard you got  
beaten up/mugged/attacked if you went to Glasgow! Now I can't keep him away 
from  the place!
I had heard of the hotel/airport bag snatching. Hope you got reimbursed by  
insurance. But it's more the actual theft that's disturbing. I know, having 
been  on the receiving end myself before now. 
Jackie, I know I'm a born worrier and drive my husband barmy, so please  
don't go by my opinion on any destination!
It reminds me though that I must try and sort out insurance for my  pump. I 
have tried the house insurance, who still don't want to know as I  didnt buy 
the pump and can't produce the receipt/invoice. (Hospital have  that)
Seeing diabetes nurse and Donna from Medtronic on Monday so will ask  then.
thanks again
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