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RE: [IPk] RE: pump follow up

Hi Fionna
I am coming up to my 2 year anniversary of pump therapy (D-Tron Plus)
and I also have had no input from D consultant or his team of DSN's.
When I have seen the consultant I got the impression it was him who was
learning from me. If I do have a problem then my first point of call
will always be the pump rep.

Joyce Jones

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> Hi Everyone
> I 've really been left to my own devices re pump follow up.  Medtronic
> nurse was excellent but I didn't need much input at that stage.  I
> using a pump in June '03, no hospital input.  I had to push to get a
> follow
> up appointment as there are huge waiting times problems and I was
> eventually seen by consultant/specialist nurse May '04 but no really
> useful
>   discussion re pump therapy only that I was doing well with HBA1c
> However, I  do run and was not sure whether I had everything exactly
> as I had lost 1/2 stone which I didn't need to lose.  No answers.  I
> had to ask for an appointment with a kidney specialist as my
> was rising ( no protienurea, retinopathy, high bp etc.) This
> renal consultant in another hospital  was very concerned re kidney
> function and is keeping a close eye, not diabetes related probably
> tubular disorder, rather a shock as here I was led to believe
> was
> okay and my results just fluctuated.
> I should have had an diabetes f.u. appointment last November, I guess
> after six months as I was a bit concerned about weight loss.  Still
> haven't
> heard anything.  I wrote to the consultant to keep him informed about
> management six monthly and asked one or two questions but never had a
> reply, including to a request to be referred somewhere else for some
> review. I feel annoyed there has been no attempt to learn a bit more
> pump therapy through me.  I've decided I really need to be able to
talk to
> an 'expert' and have asked my GP to refer me for a one off appointment
> with
> Dr. Kerr in Bournemouth. He is hedging a bit saying I can go
privately, he
> can only refer me within the county and will have to get permission
> the PCT board, so I've told him to ask as I feel in view of the
> complexities of the renal function I don't want to go somewhere where
> only have 3 or 4
> people using pumps and are basically still learning.   I feel worried
> they
> are probably going to regret ever agreeing to me using a pump but I
> wouldn't be doing this if I felt they had taken some interest and
given me
> some closer follow up over the last 18mths especially in view of my
> function.
> What are other peoples experiences of follow up in the first couple of
> years?  Luckily I feel very well.  Thank you for this list, it's so
> helpful knowing there are others out there as here I am very much on
> own.
> Cheers
> Fiona
> T1 38yrs paradigm 18mths
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