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RE: [IPk] CGMS and high BG levels

Hi Jackie

Not specific to using the CGMS but I get what I suppose would be called
"Sunset Phenomenon"! I become progressively less sensitive to insulin as the
evening goes on - my basal rate jumps from 0.7 units an hour to 1.3 units an
hour and the amount of insulin I use as a bolus/ correction also increases
at this time. - so the later I eat the more insulin I need. When on MDI this
was accentuated since none of the long acting insulins were active at this
period (including Lantus which lasted about 18 hours in me, Monotard and
Insulatard were useless!).

So could be something similar?

Hopefully the CGMS will give you a good picture.

Best wishes

>Sasha's BG was 8.00 mmol before the evening meal which was Potato Smiles
and a Chicken Burger and a
>small tin of baked beans which worked out at  around 65 carbs.  I gave her
>units which is usually the right amount for that sized meal.  We ate later
>than usual at 6,00 pm  instead of 5.00 pm cos we didn't get back from the
>hospital until 5.30 pm.  At 7.30 we had to do another calibration test for
>the meter and her BG was 16.8 so we gave her 1.5 units to correct this we
>don't usually do a blood test after only 1.5 hours after a meal, so we
>weren't sure if this might even be a "normal for her spike" or if this was
>unusual.  By 11.30 her BG was now 18.mmo and Terry gave her 2.5 units.
>later Sasha was 10.5 and had another correct of 1 unit.  Sasha was still
>10.5 on waking this morning.  I am not sure what caused these high levels.
>I may have miscalculated on the evening meal, but not enough to cause an 18
>mmol and then with her levels not coming down a lot despite 3 correction

>Anyone else's or their child had spikes like this when they started on the
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