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Therasense Navigator WAS RE: [IPk] Diabetes patch

Hi June,

I know a fair bit about the Navigator, having seen it at conferences several 
times in the past couple of years. Therasense, the company that makes the 
Freestyle and Freestyle Mini (aka Freestyle Flash) meters, is behind the 
Navigator. Inasmuch as an Ultra meter is in fact a Johnson & Johnson 
Lifescan One Touch Ultra meter, the Navigator would be Abbott Diabetes Care 
Therasense Freestyle Navigator (when Abbott, which was behind the Medisense 
brand, bought Therasense last year, they created the name Abbott Diabetes 
Care as an umbrella for both brands). Abbott Diabetes Care is the parent 
company, Therasense is the division, Freestyle is the brand, and Navigator 
is the product name.

It's too soon to tell exactly on what grounds the Navigator might be paid 
for/not paid for by the NHS. I have been very impressed with the data I've 
seen about its clinical utility and accuracy, esp. compared to the Medtronic 
Guardian [note: not the Guardian RT, the Guardian I] system's clinical 
utility and accuracy. If I had the choice of paying for a Guardian (not v. 
likely to be paid for by the NHS) OR paying for a Navigator, I'd take the 

The Navigator may have higher running costs than fingerstick testing if one 
considers 4 fingerstick tests per day as "average" - unfortunately the 
majority of type 1s test fewer than 4 times per day. If everyone actually 
tested 4-6x per day or more, the NHS might spend a lot more money on 
fingerstick testing than it already does. But I'm not a statistician and I 
don't know how the Therasense people arrived at their conclusion that the 
running costs will be comparable, I am just speculating.

Type 1 11+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 1 year 1 month; v. 
happy with the Freestyle Mini meter

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From: "June Searle" <email @ redacted>
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Subject: [IPk] Diabetes patch
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 19:19:26 -0000

I've been reading in today's paper about a patch called Freestyle Navigator. 
It says this skin patch device will be available in the UK later in the 
year.  I have briefly looked at the web and find there are other Freestyle 
glucose monitors.  I believe I have seen a mention of Freestyle in this 
conference.  Does anyone have any information about how it will be 
introduced here? ie will it be like the CGMS system at Poole and available 
for testing only through a hospital to begin with.  When blood meters first 
came out I had to buy mine and I believe the strips were then available on 
the NHS.  From the web sit it all sounds promising that the strips will be 
approximately the same price as what is used now.  I am afraid I always want 
things to happen yesterday and am eager to try anything new.  Does anyone 
know anything about this company?  It is new to me.

June ----------------------------------------------------------
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