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Re: [IPk] What is MODY?

I would say from that explanation that MODY is one of the many different forms 
of type II diabetes.
Although they say it differs from type II diabetes, that's a bit of a 
generalisation because type II has many forms and many causes.

Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> Hi John
> Here is a better explanation about MODY
> Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY)
> A form of diabetes characterised by early age of onset (usually less than 25
> years of age), autosomal dominant inheritance (that is, it is inherited by
> 50% of a parent's children) with diabetes in at least 2 generations of the
> patient's family. MODY diabetes that can often be controlled with meal
> planning or diabetes pills, at least in the early stages of diabetes. It
> differs from type 2 diabetes in that patients have a defect in insulin
> secretion or glucose metabolism, and are not resistant to insulin. MODY
> accounts for about 2% of diabetes worldwide and 6 genes have so far been
> found that cause MODY, although not all MODY patients have one of these
> genes. Because MODY runs in families, it is useful for studying diabetes
> genes and has given researchers useful information about how insulin is
> produced and regulated by the pancreas.
> One of the main differences seems to be that there isn't a problem with
> resistance to insulin and the genetic link is very strong.  Whereas it is
> believed that if you have a family history of type 2, keeping the weight off
> may prevent the diabetes from developing.
> Don't forget to mention LADA as this type of diabetes is often found in
> usually slim, young  to middle aged adults and is frequently misdiagnosed as
> type 2.  This type of diabetes usually needs to be treated with insulin and
> not type 2 meds.  There is usually no insulin resistance and often only a
> small amount of insulin is needed for many years
> More about MODY
> http://www.diabetesuffolk.com/Understanding%20Diabetes/MODY.asp
> More about LADA
> http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_types/diabetes_type_15.php
> Jackie
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