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RE: [IPk] Brittle Diabetes - Vent

Hi Adrian

This a very good question!!
My care was supposed to have been transferred back to Reading after 6 
months. At this time I was still trying to get hold of the funding that had 
been promised since I was first seen at Bournemouth in May 2004. I chose the 
Animas pump. In Reading, apparently, they use Medtronic pumps because the 
Medtronic nurse comes to train the prospective pumper because Reading 
doesn't have the necessary trained staff.
When, in November, Neville Pearce, the Rep from DiagNosys Medical, called me 
from the Royal Berks Hospital telling me he was training the nurses there on 
the new Animas IR1200, I thought that I would finally have contact with my 
Clinic. To this date I am still waiting for said contact. Although I was 
told the nurse was really enthusiastic about the new IR1200 and that she was 
looking forward to meeting up with me again to get to know the Animas pump a 
bit better, I have heard nothing. And when I have 'phoned the Clinic I don't 
get to speak to the nurse.
So, I think I'm still under the care of Dr Kerr at Bournemouth, but I could 
be wrong!!

Your experiences sound very upsetting. Good luck  with your recovery.


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>Hi Jane
>This should have been "only in East Berkshire"!
>Because I've got to have two more operations - one on the shoulder just 
>(the capsule has some torn flesh) and the other shoulder, I have decided
>that I am gong to produce a document to outline the procedure for switching
>from the pump to sliding scale and back again - will get my Diabetes 
>input (covertly!).
>Your experience of sliding scale was better than mine - my BG level
>immediately after the operation was 13 - and would you believe it they
>wouldn't stop the glucose drip needless to say my BG didn't drop below 10
>until I was back in control - not great since I have a low renal threshold 
>so my bladder filled pretty quickly.
>My other problem was high blood pressure on admission - until after the
>operation - probably due to the fact that I had absolutely no confidence
>that I was going to survive the whole procedure and was quite frankly 
>sh**less by the lack of forward preparation and lack of knowledge. No 
>my new PCT (Chiltern & South Bucks) were more than happy for me to continue
>my Diabetes treatment at the Royal Free! Out of interest which hospital do
>you have your DM / Pump looked after?
>Good luck with your recovery.
>Best wishes
> >I was asked so many times "are these a
> >new idea?" My response "only in Reading, not in the rest of the
> >country/world!
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