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RE: [IPk] Brittle Diabetes - Vent

Hi Adrian
I went in hospital last week for an ankle arthroscopy. I had to go into 
hospital on Sunday 30 Jan but had to 'phone first to make sure the bed was 
still available. I 'phoned and was told to come in between 4 and 6 pm. I 
went in at 5.45 pm. I was put on the sliding scale insulin infusion at 
2.30am when I disconnected my own pump. My BGs were taken every hour and my 
operation was scheduled for 8.30 am the following morning. I was told I had 
to have "breakfast" at about 2 am!
This arrived at 1.30am but I knew a bolus from my pump would not have been 
completely infused before I disconnected. Sure enough my BGs went up at my 
first few tests but was 4.6 before the op.
I went back to ward at 10 am. My consultant said I could go home later that 
day as long as my BGs were stable and I was up and about. I was told that 
the sliding scale infusion should remain connected until after I'd had some 
lunch. When I pointed out that the sliding scale was a basal infusion and 
questioned how I would bolus to cover my meal, it was agreed that the 
sliding scale could be disconnected and I should reconnect mine. After the 
op my BGs went up to 14.5. I had 2 nurses watching as I reconnected my pump 
because they'd not seen one before. I was asked so many times "are these a 
new idea?" My response "only in Reading, not in the rest of the 
I went home after lunch. One week on, I've had the dressing changed at my 
surgery this morning, and the stitches will be removed next week when I see 
the consultant.
I send you my best wishes.
Jane Halls
Type 1 22 years, pumping 6 months.

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>Subject: [IPk] Brittle Diabetes - Vent
>Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 02:02:20 -0000
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>I have just had an Arthroscopy and MUA (Manipulation Under Anaesthetic) 
>on my first frozen shoulder and the results look promising (so far) but has
>a few annoying experiences along the way! These were in effect my own
>fault - I should have waited to have the Operation at the Royal Free (where
>my Diabetes is treated) rather than going for the much faster
>Wexham/Heatherwood Hospital option (5 months less to wait!).
>The first annoyance came when I was told three days before admission that I
>must turn my pump off at 4am - since I was having the operation at 9am that
>day - when questioned further the nurse said she would come back to me. 
>I got a phone call at 2pm the day before my operation day telling me they
>needed me in that afternoon - not great since I hate hospital stays at the
>best of time - but at least they appeared to know a bit more about Insulin
>Everything went well with the operation. I was waking from the Anaesthetic
>when I over heard two nurses discussing my medical notes. "Brittle 
>was mentioned - I was so cross! I did ask about 2 years ago my
>Endocrinologist whether I had "Brittle Diabetes" - his response was that no
>such thing existed - only Medics who wouldn't spend sufficient time in
>trying to understand a patients condition. So naturally the Nurses got this
>response from me!
>My only other problem was getting back on to my pump - the Anaesthetist was
>keen for me to stay on sliding scale over night even though I explained 
>I could control my DM better myself - fortunately the hospital pump right 
>cue came up with an occlusion error right in front of the Anaesthetist. I
>guess she was pretty p***ed off when I said I've never had one of those 
>my Medtronic pump - but it got the result I wanted back on my own pump
>managing my own diabetes and out of the hospital the next day!
>Why does it always appear to be a battle between me and the medics with
>anything to do with Diabetes? (excluding my current Endo and his team - who
>can be frustrating but always logical!)
>Type 1 - 23 years, Medtronic Paradigm just over a year.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org