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RE: [IPk] Pump start date cancelled.

Sorry I mis-understood your problem / or maybe the 508 works differently to
the Paradigm. What I used to find frustrating was finding that I needed a
different rate at certain time of the day where I hadn't got one before -
which then involved adding this rate in and then adding all the subsequent
rates back in - so if it was one early in the morning then there was a lot
more button pushing.

On the Paradigm you have the option of the PAL software which allows you to
programme the pump from your PC. I guess it's probably worth while if you
have to make quite a few changes.


>Surely having to change 3 lots of 24 rate is going to make it worse, not
>better, than having to change 3 lots of 8 rates?

>What really want is a pump that will talk to my computer, so I can keep
>infiate numbers of profiles on the computer, and switch between them.
>also so I can change the profiles by dragging lines on a graph, rather
>than by manipulating numbers.
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