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Re: [IPk] monday meeting before Pick-ups clinic?

Hi All,

I just realised I'm in London on Monday, but in a meeting in the British
Library from 10 to 4.15.....

Having, earlier this evening, recalled with pleasure meeting Yasmin, and
an unknown man in his 20s who said 'hey!  you're Pat Reynolds!' and a
woman who smiled as if she knew d*mn well who I was... I wonder - should
we all, when we go to the clinic, advertise that we are who we are?  I'm
not recommending that we all wear coats by Swedish designers, as I do,
and there's no opportunity for special handshakes ... but  - oh, I don't
know - hawthorne in our buttonholes?  Go and put a post-it note on the

That's the trouble with being a ip-uk pumper, we're so diverse!  At
least, one can take a sneaky look at the waistband and see if one's
talking to a fellow pumper.  But we're so bundled-up with coats in
clinic waiting rooms ... and some people wear them in their bras, or
trouser pockets ....  How is one to tell the stranger from someone who
we know?  

To people who have recently joined, and wonder about this being an 'in
club' - a 'clique'.  It isn't.  One of the difficulties about 'us' is
that you can't tell who we are (ok, Mir will say we all 'sparkle').  I
respect the wishes of those who are happy lurking here, or posting here,
but not wanting to meet up - expect that everyone else here respects the
right-to-lurk too.  

Perhaps that's the answer?  Perhaps we should simply ask the 'stranger':
are you a pumper?  

My friends who are not British would be in stitches if they read this.
One of them has a great cartoon on her office wall: city gent in river,
to good Samaritan, who is about to throw him a life-belt: 'oh, my dear
chap, you can't possibly expect me to catch that: we haven't been
properly introduced!'

Here's another chat-up line to use in Prof. Pickup's clinic: do you know
Pat Reynolds?

Best wishes,

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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