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RE: [IPk] Clothing

Thanks Rachel,

Alex came home last night saying, I'm not sure about the pump.  When I
asked why she mentioned clothing etc (having just come back from dance
where she wears a leotard she must have been thinking, where would I put
it and how?).

  Any way Di mentioned the bra bit and strapping to the leg etc so you
have all been a great help.  Once I mentioned Lara Croft she went off
quite happy.  What I need to do now is ask Alex what the positive things
are for going on the pump. Don't want her going off track now.  I also
told her that you lot love your pumps and are very happy to show them



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Hi Marion, Well as to clubbing basically I wear the pump in a leather
which just clips onto my waist band,  they are very sturdy and can take
 good, sorry several hours of dancing without being a problem. The other
tip is,
find what you want to wear and then rearrange as necessary to get the
pump to 
find a happy place to sleep for the night. I will say though, when I go
my basal rate is put right down, and even though I drink (oh bacardi  
 breezers, yes sugar in a bottle). All the dancing and running around,
has not
much of
an effect on my blood sugars. First time I wore it and didn't adjust I
up going very low and thought I could take on the security guards, oh
live and let live I suppose.  
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