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Re: [IPk] Pump start date cancelled.

> Others have questioned that point, but I support it.  While in the first
> week or two of pumping one is (often) advised not to go hypo, it happens
> (I went hypo the first time I walked a mile ...). 

Err, why? I mean, it's obviously always better not to go hypo, but I don't see 
why it should apply any more to the first week of pumping...

The close monitoring
> (bg measurements every 30 mins) needed to tune basals, etc., may be
> possible if one has some kinds of jobs, but anything where one has to
> answer the telephone, or speak to colleagues or the public for more than
> a minute or so at a time is probably too difficult to do at the same
> time, unless one has a will of iron.  

I suppose it depends how desperately you want to get everything set up 
perfectly. I think it takes a few days to settle into the pump anyway, before 
you start messing around with basals etc too much. I certainly didn't measure 
my BG every 30 minutes when I first started on the pump - in fact I've *never* 
found a need to check my BG every 30 minutes (I mean, continuously for a day 
or more). I checked my BGs every few hours - that was quite sufficient. 
Obviously everyone's different. If you get hypo unawareness then you'd want to 
check more often.

> Talking of frequent measurement of blood glucose in busy situations: ace
> tip from Melissa: don't forget that mobile phones have alarm clocks in
> them. I've been setting mine for 2 hours at each measurement, and this
> way getting the noise I need to remind me that time's up.  I'm amazed
> how quickly it goes from 6pm to 8pm!

WHy are you religiously checking your BG every 2 hours? Are you testing basal 
rates? Or trying to crack down tightly on control?
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