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Re: [IPk] Pump start date cancelled.

Just a comment on the 'questions about her mental health' - I have to agree.
When I eventually got an appt to put my case for a pump I was at that time
trying lantus which was making my skin sting, plus I was not impressed with
the lantus pen. It was not easy to know whether it had actually delivered the
dose or  only some of it, and I tried to explain that being an IDD and using
whichever device delivers your insulin it's important that we 'get on' with
our syringe/pen/whatever and I unfortunately used the term 'friendly' (i.e. it
has to feel 'friendly' to us and not make us dread using it.
I say unfortunate because it was immediately suggested to me that I might like
to see one of the hospital's psychiatrists and that I had 'needle
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> Hi Adrian,
> My only reason not to endorse the (not-quite) patented Melissa and Adrian
> method, aka 'Bother them until they do what you want', in this situation is
> that Sue's team have cited her medical history as the reason for the delay.
> If Sue presses to proceed with the start date despite the professionals'
> protest re her medical history, the next letter Sue gets may say that her
> team have questions about her mental health and ability to take
> advice...which could *really* bugger her chance of getting her hands on that
> pump.
> But writing a stroppy letter and CCing it all over town sounds very
> reasonable to me :>
> Melissa
> Type 1 11+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 1 year 1 month
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> Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 20:14:35 -0000
> Hi Sue
> I would personally phone the Hospital and speak with the Endocrinologist's
> secretary. Ask what further discussions are necessary and what you can do
> enable the appointment to go ahead as planned on the 21st Feb since you and
> your husband have already booked the time off work and rescheduling this
> will be extremely difficult and keep phoning her until you get a
> satisfactory answer. I would also let your GP know and see if he/she can
> any pressure on. Have they ordered your pump yet?
> I must emphasise that this is what I would do - I would make sure that I
> the biggest inconvenience the Secretary had and that failing to comply with
> your wishes was going to be a big problem for her and the hospital - but
> then I can be quite stubborn (my mother calls it determined - although 20
> years ago she thought it was awkward!!!!!).
> Best of luck
> Adrian
>  > I had several hospital appointments arranged to start pump therapy on
> 21st
> Feb.
>  >Just had an email from my DSN cancelling my pump therapy. No apparent
> reason
>  >given, just that in view of my medical history they need to have further
>  >discussions (they have known about my medical history for several months
> had
>  >my pancreas removed.
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