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[IPk] neuropathy and clacium absorption and kids?

Grace is due her review next week and I am struggling with some symptoms and
would love a clear understanding. For the most part in the past 5 months I
have kept Grace's diet gluten free, not as far as different toaster but
there have been weeks at a time that we haven't used the toaster at all .
About a fortnight ago, Grace started complaining regularly about aches and
pains in leg arms and chest. Previously there was about a month of every few
days Grace would complain about an unexplained ache. In the past week I have
given her Gluten daily in preparation for the testing. Last night Grace woke
crying about sharp pains in the tips of her fingers on one hand and the
dorsal surface of her metacarpals on the other hand. This kept her awake for
an hour and she woke complaining of it too. Grace has poor circulation+++
and I'm left wondering if the cold hands are D related as I don't remember
registering them so cold before diagnosis. Grace went undiagnosed for six
weeks. Grace has grown over 5cms in the five months on the pump. Grace's
shoe size has gone up 2 sizes. ( the hidden cost of pumping!!) Grace was
just above her percentile in height before pumping. Grace eats well but has
very little spare flesh, though since pumping Grace has enough in the past
two months to use her thighs for sets. Still a washboard stomach.
Grace eats plenty of veg and fruit and limited dairy. There is a good supply
of calcium in her diet but Grace's nails and hair are brittle. I know
absorption of Vit C is an issue with D. Is there a picture with calcium?
Grace's A1c is 6.4 ( post pump) but was very poor before that. In the early
days I kept her on a very comprehensive vitamin supplement. Staff always
commented on how well she looked. The iodine in the supplement led to a
raised TSH so I was asked to stop giving it to her. The TSH is for review
too so I've been leaving any supplements to a minimum. I am wondering if
those pains can possibly be neuropathy in the making. I've no prob if they
are not, but I suppose I don't feel confident in the response I might
expect. Also if there is a query, is there any tests that can establish a
baseline? I am confident in the amount of calcium in Grace's diet ( the
dietician conceded that Grace had almost double the RDA for kids. Is it that
it all got used up during the growth spurt? Is there a picture re calcium
absorption with Diabetes or any associated diseases, I have a sense in my
mulched brain that Thyroid conditions can have calcium issues? I know very
little regarding thyroid conditions in kids. I'd love more info. I am still
sleep deprived so I tried a googol search and abandoned it as I have an
addled factor. Can anyone give me details of the presentation of neuropathy
or the other long-term conditions ? I suppose what I'm after is a
description of the pain or presentation from experience. Also any advice re:
antibodies and diabetes would be great as her brother is due bloods and I'll
be asking for them to do it. I've been told that they don't do siblings so
I'd appreciate any info to add to my request
Apologies for any naivety in my questions. As ever, the most precious thanks
that I can ask.
I'm a tad behind in my mails...3000 unread!
But I do wish everyone well as I log on and copious mails tumble down the
All the best
Mum to grace 5yrs dx 10.03 and pumping 19 weeks. We still love the pump!
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