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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #939

Hi Marion
I'm not a designer babe as such, but in addition to all the sport, I do 
competitive ballroom and Latin dancing, and go clubbing (occasionally in 
little tops and short skirts) etc etc. For the dancing I have to wear very 
skimpy dresses etc too.
I wrote an article on the IP-UK website about that - it's at

There are some other methods not mentioned in that article. One is to clip the 
pump vertically (without the case) to the centre of the bra. I do this 
sometimes for dance competitions when I need it to be a bit more secure - it 
doesn't show unless someone looks down my top (and I don't really care, to be 
honest!). For clubbing and dancing, I quite like the vest tops that have a 
"hidden bra" (ie an extra panel). Now, I find the hidden bra thing useless as 
a bra (I think they only really work if you're quite small chested or don't 
jump around much, neither of which applies to me!). But, if you wear a proper 
bra underneath, you can clip it to the bra, and then hide the bra with the 
hidden bra thing. Sounds complicated, but it makes sense when you try it.

If a bra isn't an option, then clipping it to the waistband of a skirt or 
trousers (just pretend to be a doctor with a pager / attached to your mobile 
phone / Davina McCall etc etc), or clipping it on the inside so that only the 
clip shows, or wearing it under a tubigrip on the top of the thigh (some 
people do this successfully, I can't seem to). Or sewing an inside pocket on 
the skirt / trousers. Or tucking it into the top of a tight pair of tights 
(see the article for that explanation).

Lots of possibilities. None of them are perfect, but you'll find one that 
works for you....

Marion Malik wrote:
> Hi Rachel,
> Thanks for that, as you are a designer babe can I ask what you do when
> you go out clubbing?  I have no idea of your age so forgive me but do
> you wear skimpy clothes, tops and skirts/fitted trousers?  Only asking
> as Alex wears the odd short hipster skirt and there is no bra at the
> moment though I am intrigued to know where the pump is placed and if it
> allows you to wear fitted tops or only loose ones.
> Our child minder has a 20 year old daughter and I can't quite imagine
> her wearing a pump based on the clothes she wears anywhere else than
> attached to her waist band.
> I guess that its lots of practice just to see what suits.  We are a long
> way off but young girls are very conscious and grow/change so quickly, I
> just want to be able to give help and ideas when these issues arise.
> Thanks for sharing with me.
> Marion 
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