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RE: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #939

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for that, as you are a designer babe can I ask what you do when
you go out clubbing?  I have no idea of your age so forgive me but do
you wear skimpy clothes, tops and skirts/fitted trousers?  Only asking
as Alex wears the odd short hipster skirt and there is no bra at the
moment though I am intrigued to know where the pump is placed and if it
allows you to wear fitted tops or only loose ones.

Our child minder has a 20 year old daughter and I can't quite imagine
her wearing a pump based on the clothes she wears anywhere else than
attached to her waist band.

I guess that its lots of practice just to see what suits.  We are a long
way off but young girls are very conscious and grow/change so quickly, I
just want to be able to give help and ideas when these issues arise.

Thanks for sharing with me.


Ps Sking sounds fab, we had a few days just before the New Year and had
wonderful snow,not as adventurous as you but had a great time.


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Hi Marion,  We went to France last year, and the Isle of wight (really
both times, when I have been in the sun, I have just tended to keep my
in a shaded bit, usually under a spare t shirt when sunbathing. But all
find is that it gets a bit rainbowy but once back into a room or the
cool it  
 soon sorts itself out (the screen that is). In the cold ( I am off ski
ing next
week and cannot wait) it's never a problem I tuck it in my bra and off I
(normally red and black runs, as we ski quite hard). Hope its of use to
If  your daughter likes lara croft, then a green camaflage (it's not
 right I know) may be a good way to go. Any thing else you may like to
know let
know  as I am very very fashion conscience. Miss Designer babe nos one

love Rachel 
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
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