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RE: [IPk] CGMS Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Thanks Di

As long as its got a strong clip it should be ok.  Though I am thinking it
might be safer in a pocket.  For PE I was thinking about the gym stuff
really.  I don't think she will be able to use the equipment if it involves
swinging round the beams and doing floor tumbling stuff.  But I assume some
stuff would be ok.  Netball or the like.


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> Hi Jackie
> That should be very interesting. I just wore the CGMS exactly as
> I do my pump
> (it's about the same size, and has a similar clip, from what I
> remember). The
> clip is pretty strong - it shouldn't come off when going to the toilet or
> whatever. I clipped the CGMS to my waistband most of the time and
> it was fine.
> It's pretty sturdy even if you do accidentally drop it.  For
> sport, running
> around etc she might want to move it round to the back of her
> trousers rather
> than the front or side - I find it a bit safer there (less likely to get
> knocked). Definitely don't abandon PE etc while wearing it - it's
> one of the
> most useful times to get info about your BG!
> At night, do as for a pump - you've read the stuff no doubt. In a pocket,
> under the pillow, clipped to her waistband of pyjamas, in a
> tubigrip around
> the leg or just loose in the bed (my preferred option).
> Hope that helps
> Di
> Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> > Sasha is having the CGMS fitted next week.  I am wondering if
> you or your
> > children just wore it clipped to their waistbands, or put it in
> a pouch of
> > some sort.  I was worried it might be knocked or come unclipped
> when pulling
> > trousers down to go to the toilet.  Most girls wear grey school
> trousers at
> > the twins school. No pockets. Or no pocket big enough.  Also did the
> > children have to abandon PE and Games for those few days??
> >
> > Anyone got any tips about wearing the CGMS?? during the day or night.
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