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RE: [IPk] CGMS Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Hi Jackie

The CGMS I used came in a leather pouch with the plastic clip poking
through - I took it out of the pouch because it was difficult to press the
buttons with it in the pouch. I just clipped it to my belt - the opposite
side from my pump. The sensor needs to be sited well away from where your
infusion set is.

At night I just left it loose in the bed and it was fine amazing really
since I am quite a restless sleeper!

One thing to be careful of - is when you shower - make sure the Showerpak is
securely closed at the bottom - when I got a little lax on day two I almost
had a catastrophe with the CGMS almost falling out of the bottom.

Best of luck with it - I am sure you / Sasha will find the results quite


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Sasha is having the CGMS fitted next week.  I am wondering if you or your
children just wore it clipped to their waistbands, or put it in a pouch of
some sort.  I was worried it might be knocked or come unclipped when pulling
trousers down to go to the toilet.  Most girls wear grey school trousers at
the twins school. No pockets. Or no pocket big enough.  Also did the
children have to abandon PE and Games for those few days??

Anyone got any tips about wearing the CGMS?? during the day or night.

Mum of Sasha aged 10 dx 1999, twin sister Rebecca, both coeliac 2001
Mum also to Danni and Nicola, wife to Terry
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