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Re: [IPk] CGMS Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Hi Jackie
That should be very interesting. I just wore the CGMS exactly as I do my pump 
(it's about the same size, and has a similar clip, from what I remember). The 
clip is pretty strong - it shouldn't come off when going to the toilet or 
whatever. I clipped the CGMS to my waistband most of the time and it was fine. 
It's pretty sturdy even if you do accidentally drop it.  For sport, running 
around etc she might want to move it round to the back of her trousers rather 
than the front or side - I find it a bit safer there (less likely to get 
knocked). Definitely don't abandon PE etc while wearing it - it's one of the 
most useful times to get info about your BG!

At night, do as for a pump - you've read the stuff no doubt. In a pocket, 
under the pillow, clipped to her waistband of pyjamas, in a tubigrip around 
the leg or just loose in the bed (my preferred option).

Hope that helps

Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> Sasha is having the CGMS fitted next week.  I am wondering if you or your
> children just wore it clipped to their waistbands, or put it in a pouch of
> some sort.  I was worried it might be knocked or come unclipped when pulling
> trousers down to go to the toilet.  Most girls wear grey school trousers at
> the twins school. No pockets. Or no pocket big enough.  Also did the
> children have to abandon PE and Games for those few days??
> Anyone got any tips about wearing the CGMS?? during the day or night.
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