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[IPk] Bad week

Hi all

I had a bad week last week.  I spent 3 days, yes 3 DAYS! chasing around 
trying to get treatment for a site infection in my DiaPort.  My GP was 
great, but the lab at the hospital and the infamous Doctor's Receptionist 
both did their best to obstruct me.  Anyway, by Wednesday the swab result 
came back all clear (I took it to the lab first thing on Monday).  My GP 
phoned me after hours, and suggested I show him.  I went straight down to 
the surgery, and he wrote me up for some antibiotics.  The skin around the 
DiaPort was red, pus-y and itchy, and my BGs had gone up. 

To add to all this fun, I had steroids injected into both wrists on 
Thursday, for carpal tunnel syndrome.  I'm now being referred to the 
surgeons.  Unlike last time, my hands were very painful for about 2 days 
after the jabs.  And unlike last time, my BGs soared. 

So I have been on 200% basal since last Thursday and still needing 
correction boluses.  The pump won't go over 200% so I should re-set my spare 
basal profile but I'm hoping things will settle down shortly.  On such high 
amounts of insulin, I'm testing 2 or 3 times overnight just in case my BGs 
come crashing down. 

Moan over! 

Best wishes to all 

IDDM 36 years, DTron 2 years+, DiaPort 1 month
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