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Re: [IPk] Length for infusion site

>In general I think I do mine about twice a week and wonder if mine
>is rejected as John says.  How do you recognise this rejection?  You
>say in a separate paragraph that as time wears on the insulin is
>often less predictable and this is the point I was interested in
>finding out if happened to any one as at the moment I have been
>thinking that perhaps this is the reason for my poor control.

Instinct? Experience? Don't know. Bad BGs? Perhaps you can't spot it, 
which is why they just say change every 2-3 days?

>John I'm afraid I also sometimes forget to bolus - it is so easy to
>do this if your attention is caught up with something else.  I
>always remember before too long though.  I wondered if I had done
>this at lunch time today but was absolutely sure I had bolused.  I
>carefully checked and rechecked basals, also checked my maths for
>the insulin:carb and a very long time later looked at the bolus I
>had given.  I am ashamed to say that I had given 0.8 instead of 8!!
>I had been rather low when I bolused and was surprised at what I had
>done.  But how useful to be able to do this.

I was pondering my forgotten injection while in hospital yesterday. 
They did the MRI last Friday. This was a SPECT (they were using 
Thallium 201, Nanette). I had to lie totally still for 30 minutes, 
and surprisingly I didn't fall asleep like I normally do :-) Re the 
forgotten injection, I realised I always - yes, always - check my BG 
before I eat. It tells me how much to bolus. So, take away the 
testing (my meter was broken), that was how I forgot to bolus - the 
usual sequence of events didn't follow through. Good to know there 
was some logic there after all!

>I was also interested to see that you, John, bolused 4 and injected
>5.  Why didn't you do it all  by one method?

It is reputed (is it in the Bernstein book? I forget...) that several 
small injections will give you better absorption than one big 
injection. Better as in faster, more regular each day, that sort of 
thing. I think Bernstein says never more than 7 units in an 
injection. If you have needle-phobia, that can be a tough choice. But 
if you're easy about injections (like me) and have to inject (say) 20 
units of Insulatard, you might do 3 injections: 7, 7 and 6. You might 
fill the syringe once, and put about a third in 3 spots across your 
stomach. On the pump, I personally never bolus more than 4 units of 
Humalog in one go. If I need more, I'll wait 30 minutes before 
bolussing any more. If I'm bringing down a very high BG, I might 
bolus some (to keep the infusion set working!) and inject some 
elsewhere. Seems to work OK.

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