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Re: [IPk] Length for infusion site

>i use the steel needles, i was given the choice of both and on my 2
>days of training for the pump i put the tube one in on the first day
>and within a few hours i was feeling discomfort, so the next day i
>tried the needle and it was much better.

Fran -

There is no one infusion set that is best. We all have different 
bodies, different skin, different ways of living with the pump etc. 
But do take time to find which infusion set really suits you best. I 
reckon you need to try a type of set for at least a month till you 
can definitely say if it suits you or not - and you need to try 
several different types of set so you've got something to compare it 
with :-)

Luckily the D-TRON has a standard connector, so will take nearly all 
the infusion sets. Sadly the MiniMed Paradigm has its own special 
connector - connecting tubing to pump - so you are stuck with MiniMed 
infusion sets. (I'm sure that's good for MiniMed profits - and who am 
I to criticise business for wanting to make a profit? Their profit 
will one day pay my pension...)

I tried the Rapids, but I found it felt like I had a drawing pin 
constantly stuck in me. Good for some. Not for me. I used the SofSets 
for a year, but they tend to slip, and block, so I gave up on those, 
and moved to Tenders. Just occasionally they've fallen out, but 
that's part of the fun of pumping.

All the best -

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