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[IPk] Laser treatment

Hi everyone

Well, I had my treatment on Wednesday, and feel OK to look at a computer
screen now!

I had the "injection".  The doc used a blade to cut a tiny nick in the skin in
the inner corner, and then (apparently) used a blunt needle to put the
anaesthetic between two layers of skin which surround the eyeball.

The "injection" wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.  Not as bad as an
injection by the dentist.

The treatment was easy peasy after the anaesthetic.

However, I couldn't see out of that eye for a couple of hours afterwards, and
when the vision started to come back, I couldn't control the muscles so my two
eyes didn't work together properly.

My eye is still much more sore now than it used to be two days after laser,
but I would definately go for the anaesthetic again.  And I've conquered the
fear of the anaesthetic injection.

Best wishes to all

IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 5 months

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