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RE: [IPk] Help.... BGs shooting through the roof

Dear Rhoda

If you are at all concerned regarding your blood sugars on the pump, you
should discuss this with your original pump nurse trainer, they are there to
provide the back up and support you do need from time to time on a pump and
are really the only people who can give you advice on your insulin dosages,
with the exception of your  own diabetes nurse specialist.

There are lots of things you can try with the regard to the pump to rule
things in and out when you get unexplained high blood sugars, but, as I say,
you really are best to discuss these with your nurse trainer/representative,
especially if you are experiencing other symptoms which are giving you cause
for concern.

Good luck!


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> Last night my bgs were 12.8 which horrified me.  I took an extra 3.5 bolus
> and woke up this morning with bgs at 17.6mmol/l.  Now post breakfast and
> after bolus of 4 units and change of set, reservoir the whole caboodle, my
> bgs are 19.9 mmol/l!!!!
> No kinks in tubing although the DM centre have mistakenly given me the
> longer tubing set.  Using Silhouettes.  Cannula seems to be okay.
> Any suggestions?  I finished antibiotics on Tuesday - for a chest
> In hospital overnight on Saturday with suspected p.e. thankfully ruled to
> pleuritic pain.
> Previous bgs before the 12.8 last night were in the normal range i.e. 4-7
> mmol/l.
> Also very bloated for last couple of days.  Feet and legs etc like
> puffballs.  Also showed protein in urine tests in hospital.  Left a sample
> with GP on Tuesday and heard nothing so presume it's normal.
> I'm so "dwammy" - floating in and out and have to really focus to stay
> awake - but then that would be a function of the hyper.
> Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
> Rhoda -  taking another 4 unit bolus and testing frequently!!!!
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