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[IPk] Help.... BGs shooting through the roof

> Last night my bgs were 12.8 which horrified me.  I took an extra 3.5 bolus
> and woke up this morning with bgs at 17.6mmol/l.  Now post breakfast and
> after bolus of 4 units and change of set, reservoir the whole caboodle, my
> bgs are 19.9 mmol/l!!!!
> No kinks in tubing although the DM centre have mistakenly given me the
> longer tubing set.  Using Silhouettes.  Cannula seems to be okay.
> Any suggestions?  I finished antibiotics on Tuesday - for a chest
> In hospital overnight on Saturday with suspected p.e. thankfully ruled to
> pleuritic pain.
> Previous bgs before the 12.8 last night were in the normal range i.e. 4-7
> mmol/l.
> Also very bloated for last couple of days.  Feet and legs etc like
> puffballs.  Also showed protein in urine tests in hospital.  Left a sample
> with GP on Tuesday and heard nothing so presume it's normal.
> I'm so "dwammy" - floating in and out and have to really focus to stay
> awake - but then that would be a function of the hyper.
> Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
> Rhoda -  taking another 4 unit bolus and testing frequently!!!!
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