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Re: [IPk] RE: Nice

In message <email @ redacted>, Julian Woodley
<email @ redacted> writes
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>Sorry, but I couldn't help but put an imput into this:
>Pat, I too am a proponent of the "try MDI for a couple of years; if it
>doesn't work you might need a pump" concept.  In my opinion pumping is not a
>"Gold Standard", it is an option for those for whom other therapies don't
>I've used MDI prior to going on the pump and i guess it was better than other
>regimes.  However regarding pumpiong being the "Gold Standard"  I have to put
>forward that, to me, it is just that.  I have had diabetes for 29 years and
>been pumping for 1 year.  It took my going on the pump to realise that there
>had indeed been something very wrong with me for all of the preceeding years.
>If I were to go back on to mdi I think I would just throw the towel in.  The
>pump has made that much difference to my life.  It's an awful shame a vast
>number of the so called health Care professionals refuse to see the
>merits....... and I dare say there are several on here that would agree with
>Sorry to waffle, but I felt I had to respond..

it makes me cross when pump therapy is seen as a 'last resort'
option.... in my opinion it is the best option available at the moment
for diabetes management. As the mother of a diabetic child just reaching
his teens with all the problems that will bring, I dread to think how
much more difficult the next few years would be on insulin

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