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Re: [IPk] NICE

Hi Abigail

> Thank goodness for a healthcare professional with a rudimentary
> understanding of physiology!!
I must admit that I can't fault my DNS - in the first couple of weeks on the
pump she was ringing me every day to check that things were ok.  Mind you it
did do me a favour when I couldn't speak to her one weekend and things
started to go a bit haywire (hormones) and I took the bull by the horns and
adjusted my basals myself with perfect results!  Quite suprised myself
 > could be your body getting used to the pump, or due to hormones!. If the
> latter you may have had someindication of this on MDI even with erratic
> absorption and peaks

Yes - I'd just got things right then the dreaded hormones kicked in.  On MDI
I came to the conclusion that I was better to leave doses the same as pre
menstrual and run highish because my bg took about 2 days to settle down
after a change (using Hypurin)
> Yes but I expect that they assume if you are not having severe hypos and
> have an A1c in target rane you are ok. Any prolonged highs without lots of
> hypos to lower acerage readings would push up A1cs. Highs for short
> of time , i think the jury is still out on how harmful these are
> To be honest I have heard of people who have more normal and beeter QOL
> complications than those due to hypo unawareness. I suppose it depends on
> your employment opportunities and general support, availability of public
> transport in case of hypo unawarenss/ visual problems and social
> circumstances. Sorry to come out with such a blasphemous statement. I hope
> not to experience either
Pre pump my A1c was 8.7.  I had one done on pump day which had reduced to
7.6 (with one month between them).  What didn't show was the fact that
during that month I'd experienced 4 days on highs 20+ with ketones +++.
> Could you afford one if push came to shove? You shouldn't have to pay as
> recurretn severe hypos needing help are one of the criteria for funding

Haven't thought about much else over the last few days.  Looks like my
husband's firm is about to 'go under' any day now so that's a definate

Anyway that's enough misery for one email - I'm thinking positive and
everything will work out eventually (and then I came round from my hypo!!).
Talking of which my 9 year old told me this evening that I hadn't had a
'funny' for a long while.

All the best

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