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Re: [IPk] stress anyone?

> Inappropriate regime.  I.e. she believed that only the doctor has the
> power/knowledge to decide how much insulin she should inject, and that
> despite 'being unwell' 'since he changed the dose last year', she did
> not feel the right to change dosage back (or ask to see the doctor
> again, and get him to give his Holy Sanction to do so).
This is a pitiful situation and one which seems to occur all too often, from
reading clinic letters. But I always thought it was the little old ladies on
mixtard who took the dose doctor tells them too and check BG twice a week.
It is distressing to think an intelligent articulate person is incapable of
making a decision re dose adjustment or believing that most medics actually
understand diabetes ( and I include diabetologists), or even have the
patients best interests at heart ( HbA1c of 8 %, we must control your
diabetes, get those A1cs down at all costs - do they even think that the
person may prefer to keep their driving licence and their job, or advise
them to check BG before driving?)
No wonder some people feel that having diabetes is a form of punnishment
Even " patient empowerment" is not always real empowerment, it's advice and
regimes to follow which are restrictive and punitive
But is the problem somewhat embedded in our culture as well? Patients on the
whole taking a very passive role in their illness, evn the so called
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