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Re: [IPk] Re: NICE

> I also phoned the DSN here today and she said she would fully support me
> funding and pushing for a pump if I wanted to do this. The cons said last
> time he would but I had to wait and see what the NICE report said.

There is one other person with pump funded in your area right?
so does this mean she will now have to come off the pump as NICE recommends
use only when there is a fully trained Diabetes team

Of course not!

Of course,
> the DSN did point out that the PCT have refused to train the staff re pump
> use in the past. Don't know whether the NICE report would make them have
> do this. It does seem a bit ambiguous on one hand saying that to have a
> a patient would have to have support from an adequately trained team. Does
> this mean that if the team is not trained then the PCT cannot issue a
> Or would they be forced to train them?

Surely there must be a way around this. How long does pump training take? 2
when I went onto a disetronic pump it took 2 days ( well actually  a few
hours on each day)with the nurse from disetronic. How ridiculous. Your PCT
is guilty of clinical negligence and now NICE criteria are there ( and I do
remember you saying you need help with some of your hypos which is one of
the criteria for funding) this could surely act as leverage when writing to
your MP
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