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[IPk] Re: NICE

Hi there
I looked a the website yesterday and it seems the final report is the same as 
the preliminary one that was put forward a while back. It doesn't look to 
have changed much, if at all. I don't know how it would affect people already 
using the pumps and funded by their PCT. But, it does seem fairly good news 
for the likes of myself who has been asking for a pump for a while and has 
been refused up until now as the PCT won't fund. My BG's have been 
fluctuating to say the least, even on Glargine. OK, my last A1c was 7.5 but 
this was only because of lots of highs offset by a lot of lows. I am 
constantly in fear of hypo's, especially in the early hours of the morning.

I phoned the NHS response unit to get copies of the reports but they are not 
available until after Friday so I have to get in touch with them again then. 
I also phoned the DSN here today and she said she would fully support me re 
funding and pushing for a pump if I wanted to do this. The cons said last 
time he would but I had to wait and see what the NICE report said. Of course, 
the DSN did point out that the PCT have refused to train the staff re pump 
use in the past. Don't know whether the NICE report would make them have to 
do this. It does seem a bit ambiguous on one hand saying that to have a pump 
a patient would have to have support from an adequately trained team. Does 
this mean that if the team is not trained then the PCT cannot issue a pump? 
Or would they be forced to train them? 
I'm going to try and get an appt a bit sooner than May, which is when my next 
visit to Lancaster was planned. It's a bit of a pain as I have to travel so 
far so it might be awkward fitting it in. (Lots of other family/health 
commitments between now and then.) I was wondering if I should write to the 
chief exec of the trust here first to see what exactly their stand is now on 
the issue of pumps.
Best wishes..
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