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Re: [IPk] NICE

Hi Abigail

Yes - I had a look last night.  I'm not too sure what it all  means for me
though.  I'm now at the end of my months trial and am back to see the
consultant on Monday.  The main thing that worries me is that I haven't been
on glargine - in fact I was told by my DSN that she didn't think it would be
suitable for me as my BG was fluctuating too much.  This has been proved to
me since starting on the pump and the fact that I've had to have various
different basals during the past month. There also seems to be a huge
emphasis on hypo's and not on whether you've had problems with high BG's.  I
don't know if I could now give the pump back if I'm refused funding after
having seen a dramatic improvement in my day to day control.  I'm still
amazed that I can wake up with readings more or less exactly the same as
pre-bed and during the night!

Just an after thought - am I right in thinking that if you're on glargine
you bolus every time you eat via pen or syringe?  Pre pump when I was using
the pen I did find that my sites tended to become unusable and was wondering
how, if the above is right, that would affect your control.


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> Has anyone looked at the NICE website today???
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