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Re: [IPk] stress anyone?

> 43 ...
Isn't that about 2.5 mmol?
surprising she would be out of it   with this... I suppose it depends on a
number of things though like speed BG drops and individual " threshold"
> As the visitor came back to us, the crew were insistent that she needed
> complex carbohydrates - is that right? I would have thought that
> dextrose was better?
I suppose that in the case of a long acting insulin complex carb is
recommended after the initial crises is over to prevent the same event from
occuring over th e next few hours
> Rather upsetting to hear an obviously intelligent woman explaining her
> insulin regime to the paramedics - I have no idea how the health care
> professionals among us manage to bite our tongues and not call their
> diabetes team and heap abuse!

Are you implying that she  lacked basic knowledge re her own physiology, or
that she was on a totally innapropriate regime or that the ambulance
personnel lacked basic knowledge?
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