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Re: [IPk] stress anyone?

Hi Abigail,

Yes, chaos is normal!

Remember that bg results are screwed up for 24 hrs after a hypo, so it's
impossible to set new basals while having hypos.  I've learned to simply
go back to the old higher targets (up to 8 - 15 is OK), level out, and
then bring down again to the low targets (4-7.5)

As to whether it's moving or something else: at least you get a chance
to do an experiment!

While I'm writing (putting off the return to the statistics text which
is lowering at me).... a member of the public went hypo at work today.
The front of house staff called (in this order, very sensibly, a first
aider, an ambulance, and me).

By the time I got downstairs, the lady was too far out of it to agree to
take dextrose tablets.  Lucky I was there, only because the ambulance
crew had problems with its bg meter (although there was some fun, as I
had to explain that they were going to see a Big Big number, and they
were not to panic - that I'd convert it to something they understood.
43 ... 

As the visitor came back to us, the crew were insistent that she needed
complex carbohydrates - is that right? I would have thought that
dextrose was better?  

Anyway, someone asked here a while back about what a hypo looks like
'from the outside'.  Very much like it feels from the inside!

Rather upsetting to hear an obviously intelligent woman explaining her
insulin regime to the paramedics - I have no idea how the health care
professionals among us manage to bite our tongues and not call their
diabetes team and heap abuse!

Best wishes to all,

(dm 30+, 508 1+, chaotic almost 40+)

In message <000a01c2dd9c$b18deba0$email @ redacted>, Abigail King
<email @ redacted> writes
>having just moved a month ago, and in a new and busier, although still part
>time job, my BGs have gone from good although more mild hypos ( of around 3.5
>mmols) than I would like, to abysmal
>It started with a seires of relentless hypos ( thought due to time of month
>but far more aggressive than usual for this) and had to lower basals to about
>2/3 of original daily total basa;l. Gradually requirments crept up with
>frequent high BGs. .I have had 2 very restless nights and yesterday woke up
>with BG of 13, today, about 3 mmols at 8 am. Went for a run ( started this
>recently) and BG 2 hours later 17 mmols after reducing basal to 80%. I don't
>know whether this was due to rebound, or an increase in morning basal being
>needed or stress. I know I need to do a few nocturnal BGs. Too many variables
>I know and I have decided to cut out alcohol consumption for the time being
>due to hypoglycaemic effect the next morning. I'm missing my red wine but
>can't cope with those 11 am hypos especially when at work and it seems that if
>I try to anticipate a hypo by reducing basal I end up hypo anyway or too high
>Just tell me i'm "normal" and things will settle down, and that stress of
>moving can affect things for a month or more!. Quite possibley due to move
>again in 6 months . Help...
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