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[IPk] stress anyone?

having just moved a month ago, and in a new and busier, although still part
time job, my BGs have gone from good although more mild hypos ( of around 3.5
mmols) than I would like, to abysmal
It started with a seires of relentless hypos ( thought due to time of month
but far more aggressive than usual for this) and had to lower basals to about
2/3 of original daily total basa;l. Gradually requirments crept up with
frequent high BGs. .I have had 2 very restless nights and yesterday woke up
with BG of 13, today, about 3 mmols at 8 am. Went for a run ( started this
recently) and BG 2 hours later 17 mmols after reducing basal to 80%. I don't
know whether this was due to rebound, or an increase in morning basal being
needed or stress. I know I need to do a few nocturnal BGs. Too many variables
I know and I have decided to cut out alcohol consumption for the time being
due to hypoglycaemic effect the next morning. I'm missing my red wine but
can't cope with those 11 am hypos especially when at work and it seems that if
I try to anticipate a hypo by reducing basal I end up hypo anyway or too high

Just tell me i'm "normal" and things will settle down, and that stress of
moving can affect things for a month or more!. Quite possibley due to move
again in 6 months . Help...
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