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[IPk] Glucowatch

A while back, someone asked abut Glucowatch in the UK. I sent an 
inquiry to the local office and received this message back today. It 
is a little confusing about what is offered in the US vs the UK, but 
there is a UK office and number to call.

email @ redacted


Sales of the second-generation GlucoWatchr G2(tm) Biographer in the
United States began in September 2002. The GlucoWatch G2 Biographer is
available through direct mail, not through retail pharmacies, and can
only be shipped to a U.S. address. People interested in learning more
about the GlucoWatch Biographer system can request information by
calling toll-free 1-866-GLWATCH (1-866-459-2824) (U.S. only) or by
visiting www.glucowatch.com (U.S. or Europe). To obtain a GlucoWatch
G2 Biographer in the U.S., adults (age 18 and older) and children and
adolescents (ages 7-17) with diabetes can call the same toll-free
number (1-866-459-2824) to (1) answer a brief telephone
self-assessment to be sure the device is right for them, (2) place the
order, and (3) receive instructions for sending or having a health
care professional send a U.S. prescription. In the U.S. the price of
the Starter Kit, which includes the GlucoWatch G2 Biographer,
instructional video, user guide, battery charger and two rechargeable
batteries, as well as other accessories, is $698. A carton of 10
AutoSensors is $75. 

Our office in the United Kingdom is set up specifically for people
within the United Kingdom and not for Europe or other parts of the
world. Any GlucoWatch Biographers that are sold by that office must be
shipped only to an address within the United Kingdom. The AutoSensors
(the part of the GlucoWatch Biographer system that must be replaced
after twelve hours of readings) must also be shipped only to an
address within the United Kingdom. The freephone (toll-free) number
within the United Kingdom for our office there is 0800.028.5256. NOTE:
This number must be dialed from within the U.K. The number will not
work when dialed outside the United Kingdom. The model that is for
sale in the United Kingdom is the first-generation GlucoWatchr
Biographer, at a current list price of #350. This includes
comprehensive instructional materials and several accessories. At the
present time, AutoSensors are sold in boxes of 16 for a list price of
#50. The device is being sold to adults (age 18 and older) and
children and adolescents (ages 7-17).

We sympathize with the urgent desire many people feel to obtain a
GlucoWatchr Biographer, and we suggest that you periodically check our
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