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Re: [IPk] Swimming advice

Hi Karen
I used to swim a lot and found that I needed to completely switch off the 
pump about 45 minutes before I started swimming (otherwise there would be too 
much insulin floating around in my body while I was swimming, given that 
Humalog peaks at about 1-2 hours). Disconnect before I got in the pool 
(obviously). I'd swim for about half an hour. When I got out I'd check my BG 
and unless it was low, I'd bolus about half a unit (because of the time delay 
thing again). I usually just leave my glucose tabs in the locker, and if I 
felt low I'd go back to the locker and get them, but generally you can leave 
them by the side of the pool (or a drink in a sports bottle). Note that 
you're usually not allowed to take glass bottles into the pool area, but 
plastic ones should be fine.

The only way is to experiment and see what works for you. Personally I find 
swimming drops my BGs quite a lot (I'd guess at least by 10 mmol/l in half an 

If for some reason I forgot to disconnect or switch off well in advance of 
swimming, I'd take around 20-30g fast acting carb first.

On Sunday 23 February 2003 23:26, you wrote:
> Hi everyone
> In case you don't know me I'm new to pumping - my one month trial on the
> 508 is up next week.  Results have been interesting to say the least! 
> After a brilliant start things started to go a bit wobbly, but I've managed
> to sort things out and I'm now running at a fairly constant BG of 5-8.
> Anyway, back to the question I need help with.  I am a great lover of
> swimming and haven't been at all since going on the pump.  However, with
> half term next week and two water-babes to occupy I was wondering if any of
> you have any advice as to what you do re disconnecting, taking extra
> glucose and/or bolus beforehand.
> Any help that anyone can offer will be gratefully appreciated as I don't
> want to upset the applecart this near to the end.
> Thanks
> Karen
> (ID 26y - pumping 3+ weeks, loving every minute and wondering how I ever
> managed to get through the day feeling as lousy as I used to.)
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