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[IPk] Back from hospital & query re non-delivery alarm on a 508

I've just had the dubious "pleasure" of an emergency admission to hospital
with a query pulmonary embolism.  (I had multiple bilateral P.E.s last year)
The A&E staff were fascinated by the insulin-pump (Minimed/Medtronic 508)
and thankfully after a battery of tests they discharged me this morning.
Arterial gas levels were low, Ddimer top end of normal etc, but they decided
it may be "pleuritic" or post-anti-viral in other words - they didn't know.

The problem of dehydration in A&E needs to be addressed - but the staff were
run off their feet and hard to catch someone to get a glass of water.

Still the pump let me fine-tune and keep things mostly on an even keel,
although went down to 3.0 mmol/l at one point.

Maybe I've slept through this one, but does anyone have any
comments/suggestions as to why a 508 should repeatedly give no delivery
alarm when the pump has not been touched?  Concerns me this could happen
when I'm asleep and I doubt if the gentle beeps would awaken me.


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