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[IPk] Swimming advice

Hi everyone

In case you don't know me I'm new to pumping - my one month trial on the 508
is up next week.  Results have been interesting to say the least!  After a
brilliant start things started to go a bit wobbly, but I've managed to sort
things out and I'm now running at a fairly constant BG of 5-8.

Anyway, back to the question I need help with.  I am a great lover of swimming
and haven't been at all since going on the pump.  However, with half term next
week and two water-babes to occupy I was wondering if any of you have any
advice as to what you do re disconnecting, taking extra glucose and/or bolus

Any help that anyone can offer will be gratefully appreciated as I don't want
to upset the applecart this near to the end.


(ID 26y - pumping 3+ weeks, loving every minute and wondering how I ever
managed to get through the day feeling as lousy as I used to.)
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