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Re: [IPk] Care in Scotland?

Hi Barbara
Forgot to say that the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Yorkhill in
Glasgow does, to my knowledge, care for some children who are on the pump,
so that might be a venue to explore for your daughter.

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> Hello everyone
> For those of you who don't know who we are, I am diabetic on 2 - 3
> per day and was diagnosed 29 years ago.  My daughter, Danielle is aged 8
> was diagnosed a year ago and I bought her a pump because her control was
> erratic to say the least.  She is now very well controlled and life is
> better.
> However, we are going to move to Scotland later this year (after summer
> maybe) and we are looking at the Lanarkshire area at the moment.  Are
> any diabetics out there who are being cared for in Scotland and also, are
> there any of you on pumps?
> I would like to know what the diabetes care is like in Scotland and if any
> the areas welcome the pump.  I am actually from Scotland and am 'just
> back home after a long leave' but I have never had to know the answers to
> these questions before.
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Barbara
> D for 29 years
> Daughter, Danielle dx Aug 2001, now on pump
> Sister dx 1970, now 34 years old
> Brother dx aged 21, now aged 27 (and gym club manager)
> Auntie dx aged 65, now 70 or more and going well
> Cousin dx aged 9, now 17 and an opera singer/stage performer
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