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Re: [IPk] Care in Scotland?

Hi Barbara
My name is Brigitte.  I am German and have lived in Scotland for 8 years
now.  I've been diabetic for over 20 years and had a pump for seven years in
Germany (best time ever in terms of diabetic control), which I could not
take with me when coming over to Scotland.  After a few years back on the
pen (erratic control and developing Charcot's foot and nephropathy) I
decided that it was time to go back on the pump, even if I had to buy it
myself.  Unfortunately in Glasgow, where I lived until September last year,
I could not find anyone who would support me in that respect, least my own
diabetes consultant.  Finally, and luckily I might add, I found a consultant
in Edinburgh, James Walker at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, who agreed to put
me on the pump together with a few of his own patients - and I have not
looked back since.  I have been going back to my old diabetes clinic, where
they don't know anything about pumps, for routine check-ups, but when it
comes to pump issues I am pretty much on my own - apart from the help from
Disetronic if and when I should need it (I've got the D-Tron).  My control
is much better than it was on the pen, though there are times when it still
fluctuates too much for my taste.  I now live in South Lanarkshire
(Strathaven) and attend Hairmyres Hospital.  My diabetes consultant, Sue
Benbow, is very open to pump-therapy, but does not know much about it, and I
am her first patient on the pump and so far the only one in Lanarkshire.  Do
you know yet where in Lanarkshire you will / might be moving to ?  It would
be nice if I weren't to stay the only pumper here.
Best wishes.

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> Hello everyone
> For those of you who don't know who we are, I am diabetic on 2 - 3
> per day and was diagnosed 29 years ago.  My daughter, Danielle is aged 8
> was diagnosed a year ago and I bought her a pump because her control was
> erratic to say the least.  She is now very well controlled and life is
> better.
> However, we are going to move to Scotland later this year (after summer
> maybe) and we are looking at the Lanarkshire area at the moment.  Are
> any diabetics out there who are being cared for in Scotland and also, are
> there any of you on pumps?
> I would like to know what the diabetes care is like in Scotland and if any
> the areas welcome the pump.  I am actually from Scotland and am 'just
> back home after a long leave' but I have never had to know the answers to
> these questions before.
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Barbara
> D for 29 years
> Daughter, Danielle dx Aug 2001, now on pump
> Sister dx 1970, now 34 years old
> Brother dx aged 21, now aged 27 (and gym club manager)
> Auntie dx aged 65, now 70 or more and going well
> Cousin dx aged 9, now 17 and an opera singer/stage performer
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