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RE: [IPk] infection

Sorry my original message must have got sent to the wrong address! I have 
had a bout of infections just lately and having achieved fair control it has 
been off balance now for at least 4 weeks. I have come off the milk diet and 
back to eating fruit and veg now taking vit C and zinc but am a bit worried 
about the affect it will all have on my next hba1c . My pump is presently 
funded and am worried that they will stop supporting me if my results start 
increasing again. I am back to results in the 20s again which has not 
happened for a long time and now on my third different lot of antibiotics  

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>What's the problem?  Your message came through blank.  Have you an 
>and your bgs are elevated? Or as sometimes happens to me, they dip and 
>be raised?
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