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Re: [IPk] Care trust still not funding despite NICE report

Try your MP.  

Then try the local paper 'NHS is refusing to save money!!!! The national
body NICE says giving me a pump will save the NHS money in the long
term, but they're so penny pinching, they'd rather spend money on
looking after me when I'm blind, in pain, and unable to work, than in

Or why not move?  You only need do so for a few weeks.

Best wishes,

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In message <email @ redacted>, email @ redacted writes
>Just as an after thought to my last mail. The Care Trust (PCT) in this area 
>(Morecambe Bay) are still saying they will not fund pumps, despite the NICE 
>report (and I match all the criteria on there)! They say they will only fund 
>if the there is shown to be an allergic reaction to all types of MDI insulins 
>and there is no money for any other criteria. From what I can gather, the 
>consultants would be willing to support pumpers, so would the DSN's, but 
>again, the PCT refuse to provide money or time for training. I know I've 
>asked this before, but does this constitute a breaking of the NHS agreement 
>or whatever? And, in this case, who do I write to next? 
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