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[IPk] Novorapid v Humalog, advice needed.

I am (yet again) having problems with control and am having a lot of highs. 
(But no pattern, rhyme or reason!) On the past regimen I was using, Humalog 
and Humilin I, if I was high then I could give myself a quick shot of Humalog 
and my BG would drop back to normal in 30 - 45 minutes at the most. But with 
Novorapid, the drop can take a long time, upwards of two hours and, today, 
even though I gave myself a shot at 1.30pm, my BG is still only dropping ever 
so slowly 4 hours later. If I give myself more than the units to high BG I 
normally use (say, in my case, if the BG is 13 I use 2 units, 15 or higher, 4 
units, etc.), then it still takes the same length of time to drop but I then 
end up with a hypo about 5 hours later! This is the same no matter where 
abouts I inject.
I am using Glargine together with the Novorapid, as I was directed by the 
consultant. I don't see him again until May, when I will try and push for a 
pump again. What I would like to know is can Humalog be used with Glargine or 
is it just Novorapid that is compatible? I will see the DSN next week and 
would like to know what can and can't be used before then, if possible. I'm 
not happy with the time it takes for the Novorapid to work as, like today, 
I've spent the whole afternoon feeling very grotty due to waiting for the 
insulin to take effect. I find it a problem even when I'm not high, too, as 
it takes forever after a meal to kick in. I'm back to having to take my shot 
half to three quarters of an hour before my meal, which is not convenient as 
with kids and my gastric problems, and the lifestyle I have, I don't always 
get to eat as and when I plan. 
Any advice as to whether these can be used together would be helpful.
Thanks a lot.
PS..Abi, I mentioned CFS and now the doc is back to testing for Lupus or 
similar as this has been suggested in the past. I guess this would have an 
effect on BG control, too.  
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