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Re: [IPn] What does Insulin Pumpers mean to you??

On 2/19/03 4:46 PM, "Michael" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> One member wrote me this note:
> <quote>
> What has Insulin-Pumpers meant to me and my family?  It's meant not
> going through the learning curve of pumping all alone, of gaining real
> experience from caring people who share their time and hearts.  It's
> also meant hearing that we're not alone in raising a child with
> diabetes, and learning together how to cope with all of the challenges
> that brings, both physically and mentally.
> </quote>
> What's it mean to YOU??  Send me your thoughts to share.

What doesn't it mean?  ;-)

Help with pumping from professionals and those that have been pumping on all
of the pumps.
Knowledge that has no price on it
Peace of mind
Smiles and laughter
Meeting beautiful special people that are always there for you

For me the above are all priceless gifts we receive from this list which is
provided for free from a very wonderful man, Michael.  After having the
privilege of meeting him in person I know without a doubt that Michael
supports this list because he truly cares for each and everyone of you and
wanting to always be able to help those that need it.  I asked him, why
don't you just charge for joining, since a lot of groups do?  He said no way
because then I wouldn't reach as many people as necessary and help as many
people as we can.  His goals are not selfish at all.  He makes no money and
works his ass off. 

Only we the members can keep this list going, so please just give a buck a
month.  Or more.  I truly just don't see how $12.00 a year could really put
anyone over the financial hardship espeically for what you are receiving
from this list.  Each time you go to the doctor you must pay, well to me the
service you get here and all the benefits are far more beneficial ( most of
the time ) than some doctors appointment.

So please support this list so that we don't lose it.  We all need it as do
those that are not members yet.

Type I since 1963; pumping 10-97; diagnosed at age 2; and most of all
incredibly grateful for this list and all those wonderful friends I have
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