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[IPk] re Treatment of Retinopathy

Hi all -

 I've enjoyed (!) reading everyone's laser treatment experiences as I've had
 a few myself... Mine also came after significant tightening of control - but
 I'm glad to say that after all the laser and a vitrectomy all is now sorted.

 I just wanted to pass on my strategy for dealing with it (I've only had the
sort where you are sitting - no injections) for the benefit of those who
 haven't yet got their own:
  - Relax - sounds daft in circumstances but if you can breath deeply etc it
really helps you to keep still and gives you something to think about
  - Shut the other eye - it stops you flinching when they zap you (sometimes
 you have to open it to reorientate yourself though) because you don't see so
 much of the bright light
  - Afterwards - wear sunglasses, take a painkiller and go to sleep for a
 couple of hours...

 It did always make me feel a bit sorry for myself but you do get used to the
sensation... The vitrectomy wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought it would be

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