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RE: [IPk] D tron plus

Hi Karen

We will be informing all exisiting D-TRON users as to what will be happening
ref D-TRON and D-TRONplus, if you want to mail me off list to discuss, no

Best wishes


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At 09:16 14/02/2003 +0000, Estelle wrote:
>Hi Steve
>It's as Michael says, we will be marketing the system as a two pump set,
>whereas in the past pump users purchase ONE D-TRON, now they purchase a two
>pump system like the H-TRON, for a similar cost, so that they have a back

Will there be anything available for those of us who went and bought a
single D-Tron without knowing that the D-Tron Plus was on its way? The
software sounds fantastic - now I'm feeling worried that I may have bought
a 'turkey'.. and with my own money, not the NHS's, too...


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