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Re: [IPk] no "low battery" warning

I'm more nervous than you!  I always carry a battery section, pre-
loaded, in my bg testing kit (i.e. if I'm not comfortable being away
from home without my bg kit, I'm not comfortable without the batteries).

It's particularly important to take multiple back ups when travelling
abroad, as insurance will not cover you if you need extra insulin, etc.
through 'forseeable' emergencies, such as needing two or three sets of

Best wishes,


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>Must add an incident that we had with our sons 508.
>Was in US the last few weeks and replaced batteries before I left ( hoping
>that we would get approx 4 weeks ).
>However when in US ( actually at the Superbowl ), I got a low battery
>warning. ( Panic set in, cant really get
>new batteries in a stadium ).
>I took out the batteries and re inserted , and never got another battery
>warning until I reached london airport 1 week later.
>Our flight was cancelled and we had a 24 hour delay,,,,, battery warning
>Took out the batteries again and replaced and got another 48 hours before
>another warning. At which point
>we were home and were able to change without issue.
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>Subject: [IPk] no "low battery" warning
>> The last couple of times my 508 pump batteries have
>> run low....the warning and low battery icon has
>> appeared on the pump but within a minute "no power"
>> appears. Thankfully both times i've been at home and
>> batteries have been close at hand, otherwise it could
>> be disastrous! I'm using the same batteries i've
>> always used so i'm not sure what's going wrong.  Just
>> wondering if anyone else has had the same problem!
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